Acupuncture for Menstrual Problems

“Following an assessment, Steve commenced my treatment and, as he had predicted, after six treatments my period arrived!”
Mrs K - Norwich

“Already having treatment for my fibromyalgia from Stephen, I knew how good he was, so I asked him to treat my ovaries. Twelve sessions were recommended, and after about eight I got a period, then with continued treatment three more periods followed, which was amazing.”
Mrs S - Lowestoft

“After coming off the pill over a year ago my cycle was never completely regular and my period was long in duration (over a week in length). Through Acupuncture my cycle became regular and it shortened my period to a 5 day length...”
Mrs H - Norwich

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I am pleased to offer acupuncture to assist in many menstrual disorders.

Over the years, I have been able to successfully treat irregular cycles, and also even absent periods – especially if caused by polycystic ovary syndrome, or because of coming off the contraceptive pill.

I have also found acupuncture effective in regulating menstrual cycles, if they are irregular, heavier than normal, or longer in duration; and if inappropriate spotting continues in between cycles. Often when cycles are irregular, PMT can also be a problem. I am happy to see clients with this troublesome issue as well.

Endometriosis is something that generally responds well to acupuncture. As well as paying attention to hormonal levels, I like to also use methods to help relieve stress and regulate the nervous system. I find this is usually helpful in calming the problem.

Please contact me for a friendly assessment of how I might be able to help you and how many treatments may be necessary.

As a guide, a normal course of treatment is between 6-12 visits depending upon the condition and severity.