Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment

“Whilst struggling to conceive I found out I had polycycstic ovaries. Three years later things hadn't improved and I was lucky to get a period a year. I then found out that Stephen could use acupuncture to help people with conception issues. Already having treatment for my fibromyalgia from Stephen, I knew how good he was, so I asked him to treat my ovaries. Twelve sessions were recommended, and after about eight I got a period, then with continued treatment three more periods followed, which was amazing. Well, the next time I saw Stephen my period hadn't arrived. I did a pregnancy test, and to my surprise it was POSITIVE :-D “
Mrs S - Lowestoft

“Thank you for all your help in sorting my menstrual cycle out - it has done the trick and after 6 sessions of acupuncture I am now pregnant!”
Mrs H - South Norfolk

“The course of acupuncture certainly helped with the pressure of the IVF process and kept me positive that it could work. I have just found out that after the 7th IVF attempt I am finally pregnant! There is still a long way to go. I will be recommending acupuncture to anyone else in this position and I would most certainly recommend Steve.”
Mrs L - Norwich

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I enjoy good success with female infertility. Acupuncture can assist in re-starting menstruation, regulating menstruation, may help to stimulate the ovaries and follicles, strengthen the quality of the blood present in the lining of the womb, dampen the effects of the immune system which can be implicating in rejecting an implanted embryo as part of IVF, promote relaxation and reduce stress.

I see clients for whom their infertility is unexplained, although they are generally healthy otherwise, and acupuncture may assist in helping provide the catalyst that kick-starts the reproductive process. Sometimes, their menstruation periods may be absent; commonly after childbirth – or as a result of chronic illness, or even because of the medication they may be taking for other health conditions. I have also been able to help clients with polycystic ovary syndrome conceive.

Usually, between 4-8 weekly visits is enough to re-start absent periods. In case of normal menstruation, but unexplained infertility, I usually recommend weekly treatment to begin over the first 3 cycles, then treatments upon the 7th and14 th day of the monthly cycle thereafter.

With cases of IUI and IVF, I also recommend a course of weekly treatment that aims to start on day 1 of the menstruation cycle. Acupuncture treatment can progress after embryo implantation or insemination, to assist in conception. It’s also advisable if at least 1 or preferably, 2 full cycles of acupuncture treatment can be given before the actual IUI or IVF treatment begins. This helps to prepare the body for the infertility treatment ahead.